Dr. Tom Van Doren

Dr. Tom Van Doren is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Missouri University of Science & Technology (Missouri S&T) and a founding member of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory at Missouri S&T. He has conducted research and education in electromagnetic compatibility for the past 34 years. More than 19,000 engineers and technicians from 109 companies and government agencies have attended his “Grounding and Shielding” and “Circuit Board Layout” courses.

Unfortunately due to health issues (mainly "old age"), Dr. Tom has stopped presenting his "Grounding & Shielding" and "Circuit Board Layout" courses live on-site.  Both of these courses were video recorded and are available for sale.  Please see the page on this web site for each course to determine the content and cost.  These recordings were made solely for the video viewing audience.  No live class of students was present during the recordings.

To aid his electrical noise diagnostic work, Dr. Tom developed several magnetic-field and electric-field sensing probes.  These probes will continue to be available for sale till the end of 2018.  The costs and bandwidths of the various probes are listed on the "Noise Diagnostic Tools" page.

Currently, 8 US and 9 foreign corporations are sponsoring EMC related research projects at the Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory. Dr. Van Doren has received two outstanding teacher awards from S&T, the Richard R. Stoddard award from the IEEE EMC Society for contributions to EMC technology and education, and is a Life Fellow of the IEEE. Much of his professional work has been devoted to helping engineers understand, diagnose, and reduce signal integrity and electrical interference problems.

Photo of Dr. Tom Van Doren